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Web Design in Romsey, Hampshire and beyond !

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Ape Red Media, your local web design service and more!
Top 20 position out of 5800 web designers on WWDC

Your Local Web Design Business

We provide Web Design and Redesign, Web Site Hosting and Website Management & Support in Romsey, throughout Hampshire and beyond.

Whether you are looking for a small 3 or 5 page dynamic website or 500 plus pages of interactive ecommerce web design we have a website design package to suit.

Your website can be sketched, designed, optimized and launched on time and within budget following initial consultation.

We provide extensive web design and SEO services throughout Romsey, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and beyond. Our client base stretches the length of the UK.

For an insight into what our clients think of our web design and SEO services click here for some testimonials.

If you like the idea of the current special offer and want to get your new site started now call us on 01794 521 516 and we’ll get things moving for you.

Search Engine Optimisation Specialists in HampshireWebsite Optimisation

Our work is focused on helping you to achieve your internet objectives. From a simple brochure website through to huge ecommerce projects, it is essential to us that your website achieves the desired results.

The SEO foundations of your website have to be solid but flexible to deal with the ever shifting currents of the major search engines. SEO or Search Engine Optimization friendly pages are essential and something we strive to establish from the outset.

Web Site Redesign Specialists in HampshireWebsite Redesign

You may already have a website that no longer fulfils your requirements, or that you feel is out dated and needs redesigning. Ape Red Media can provide website redesign services on a number of levels.

Our aim is always to maintain or improve existing SEO strengths while creating a fresh new look that brings your site into the present day and/or refocuses on purpose.

If you would like to talk about a website project call us on 01794 521 516 or enquire via our contact form.

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About Ape Red Media, Romsey’s local web design and hosting business.

About Ape Red Media of Romsey

Ape Red Media is a local (and not so local) web design and web support business for small and medium size enterprises in Romsey, Hampshire and beyond. Our focus is always on what we can do for our customers, to help you achieve your goals for your business presence on the internet.

Top 20 position on WWDCIn the Top 20 Out of 5800!

Testimonials from our customers say it all really. Out of 5800+ web design companies listed with Which Web Design Company, we made the first page for a Global and UK search. (OK we're halfway up the page but we're there and we're climbing!) Positioning in the ranking is based on multiple factors but customer testimonials and customer rankings are key measurements.

Customer Expectation

We are not however a ‘Yes’ business that will nod dutifully at all ideas and never question customers expectations for their website, while racking up the hours with our eyes on the pay cheque.

Rather, we will tell our clients the truth about their expectations for their web site, help them measure their expectations reasonably against their budgets and highlight the playing fields hurdles when identified.

We always outline reasonable time expectations for the ‘realisation’ of results for such elements as SEO. Good Search Engine Optimisation is not an instant trick, it takes time for results to show.

Assets including Copy Writers, Editors, Art Directors…

Ape Red Media is headed up by Jeremy (Jem for short) Robinson and has access to significant business assets including copy writers, editors, art directors, and marketers from a variety of fields several of which have produced work for brand name companies.

Ape Red Media’s team have 20+ years experience in sales and marketing including web design (first site designed and launched in 1997) print advertising design, online advertising design, magazine publishing, lead generation, telemarketing, direct mail design and campaign management.

We are more than familiar with SEO having a keen understanding of SEO copy writing, on page and off page SEO, link sculpting, link building and Social Media integration.

Our focus now is on creating the best, most cost effective, web presence for our clients. We design and build websites of all sizes from a single landing page to hundreds of pages..

Facebook Business Pages

Facebook is now essential for the majority of businessesLaunched in August 2011, we set up Facebook Business pages for our clients, (whether or not they have their own personal page) with their branding in place and link the Facebook page up to their website, helping spread the word about their business and/or services.

If you need a web designer who listens to you...
Look no further than Ape Red Media!


Web Usage Figures Released 11.2011

Figures released by the UK’s Office for National Statistics show 41.6 million of the  UK’s adults use the internet and 8.43 million have never used the internet. 83% of UK adults use the internet. more...


Web Browser Usage

Internet Browser usage used to be dominated by Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s browser. However times have changed and new more up to date browsers gave Microsoft’s Internet Explorer a run for it’s money.

Internet Explorer use has dropped considerably since 2002 when it held circa 84% of browser usage. In September 2011 IE held 23% of the global share, Firefox 40% and Google Chrome 30%.

IE6 which is now 10 years old and a real pain for web designers didn’t help Microsoft hold onto it’s share.

Internet Explorer 6 & Modern Browsers

This year has thankfully seen the use of IE6 drop below 2.5%. Government in the UK still uses this out of date and security issue burdened browser. They may get around to changing it once their bank balance is better! Where this 10 year old browser is ingrained in government and large corporations it will take time and money to upgrade it but I would doubt it would take time to retrain users for a new browser, as most of those using IE6 at work will be using a far more modern and up to date browser at home like Firefox or Google Chrome. 


Smoke & Mirrors!!

Several of our clients in 2011 have been touted by SEO firms and traders plying their wares so to speak. One of the problems businesses have when buying SEO in Romsey, Eastleigh, Southampton or wherever, is that they don’t really know what they are buying… What is SEO?

The answer to that is in our SEO section, but the all to common promise is ‘First Page Google Results… Guaranteed!’ (Hum… anybody heard of Google Maps?)Careful how you tread, some of these guys are like the old ‘Tincture’ salesmen of the Wild West selling a cure all that is little more than bluff and bluster.

An example, which can be confirmed if needs arise… A client of Ape Red’s was shown a print out as part of an SEO Audit showing that his website’s average page download time was four point something seconds, making it one of the slowest sites in the world! On being alerted Ape Red advised that the clients own Google Analytics would show that to be the case if true. It wasn’t, the average download time was 1.4 seconds putting it amongst the fastest 20% of sites on Google! We looked at the other claims made and found them to be either misguided generalisations, nonsense or untruths.

An age old sales technique used since the dark ages called ‘Hurt and Rescue’. Show them the pain then sell them the cure! Very wild west but some still fall for it…

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Ape Red Media in the top 20Ape Red Media have been rated by our customers on the independent design web site ‘Which Web Design Company’ with 5 stars.


Their reviews of our service have been the key in Ape Red achieving the highest colour grade pushing us up from white at the lowest level, through bronze, silver and gold to ‘Pink’ power status.

Our customers reviews have put us in the top 20
from the total of circa 6000 when serched by 'number of reviews!' (General searches are now randomised)